Picasso Miniature Australian Shepherds is located in Surprise,
Arizona, outside of Phoenix. I'd like to give you a little background
information concerning how I became involved with this delightful
breed.  I've always loved dogs, but  I met my first Australian Shepherd
in   1988 when we moved to Phoenix. We had a senior adult neighbor,
"Mr. Joe" who had a black tri Aussie as his constant companion.
Gypsy was an amazing dog, not only in how smart she was, but I was
impressed with her relationship with her owner. Then, a few years
later, Elicia Calhoun and her awesome
partner Suni became my favorite team in televised agility events.
Eventually I got to meet Elicia and Suni, and they reinforced my
growing desire to have a dog that I could have a "team mate"
relationship with.
In 1998 I found out there was a smaller version of the Australian
Shepherd, that  a group of dedicated people had been developing.
Fortunately for me, my first contact was with Linda Perry, of
Patchwork Farms. She has worked for many years to help this new
breed, known as Miniature Australian Shepherds, grow, while trying
to protect it from the problems that develop when a breed becomes
too popular for it's own good. I am proud to say that Linda has
become my friend and mentor, and I appreciate the standards she has
required me to adhere to in order to breed these wonderful little dogs
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Located in Surprise, AZ
"The Valley of the Sun"
Miniature American Shepherds